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Welcome to the first PREPARE project newsletter! 

PREPARE is a European Commission funded project which seeks to identify the unique stigmas, vulnerabilities, and resilience factors children may develop in family environments where they are exposed to violent extremism. PREPARE aims to support these children by working with frontline practitioners in six European countries: the Netherlands, Spain, France, Sweden, Germany and Kosovo. 

Every five months the project will release a newsletter with project activities and project related content such as blogs, reports, events and conferences. 

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Latest News

Introducing the PREPARE project

Promoting collaborative policies of inclusion relating to children of far right and Islamist parents in Western Europe (PREPARE) is an 18-month European funded project which will: 

  • Gather up-to-date knowledge on the vulnerabilities of children raised in radicalised environments and the interventions that are currently implemented by professionals to support these children;
  • Develop a Child Vulnerability Intervention tool that will help stakeholders identify vulnerabilities of children and match interventions to be employed to enhance their well-being;
  • Create train-the-trainer activities to support professionals involved in disengagement and rehabilitation work;
  • Promote collaboration and cooperation by engaging diverse stakeholders in workshops to foster preparedness in European countries. 

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Questioning biases – how can Gender-based Analysis Plus support the research work in PREPARE?  

The PREPARE project is proud to be informed by a Gender-based Analysis Plus (GBA+) assessment. GBA+ is an analytical process that is used to assess how women, men and gender diverse people may experience policies, programs and initiatives in different ways. This assessment will be used to inform PREPARE's outputs to achieve gender inclusion.  

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First PREPARE workshop in The Hague 

The first PREPARE workshop, coordinated by Leiden University, took place on the 11th May 2022 in The Hague. The workshop brought together professionals, as well as project partners and advisory board members to discuss vulnerabilities and risk factors of children from violent extremist families. The expert insights that were unpicked at the workshop will inform PREPARE's ongoing work. 

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Risk and Protective Factors for Child Returnees - Insights from the PREPARE workshop

The PREPARE workshop produced some great insights regarding the unique and prominent risk and protective factors for the well-being of children returning from countries in conflict, mainly Syria and Iraq. 

The main protective and risk factors identified were the following:

  • Education
  • Family 
  • Socialisation into new environments

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News from PREPARE Partners

Joana Cook, PREPARE project coordinator and principal investigator, gave an interview to Leiden University introducing the project and its aims, and defining the criteria of success for the project. 

Read the interview here.

Our partners at ICCT organised a series of roundtables with the International Organization of Migration focused on rehabilitation and reintegration. These discussions will support the Government of Iraq in the repatriation of its nationals from Syria, the majority of which are children.

Explore ICCT's work here.

Using Bayesian modelling, TNO is working on a quantitative model of recruitment in criminality. The model aims to show which factors in the relations between young people and their parents, peers, schools, and other professionals contribute to being successfully recruited. The tool strives to help professionals intervene more effectively in their dealings with vulnerable young people. 

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News from friends of PREPARE

The EU-funded DRIVE project is investigating the effects of social exclusion on the radicalisation of Islamist and far-right individuals and groups in the context of northwestern Europe.

In their latest blog, DRIVE explores the intersections between gender and the far-right: "Women and the Far Right: The Challenge to Gender Equality". 

Find more out about DRIVE's work here

This project has received funding by the European Commission under grant agreement No 101035861 and is a response to the ISFP-2020-AG-RAD call. 


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